Let The Children Fly Course


Join us for a month long journey of becoming an empowered parent with the tools to equip and train the next generation of world changers.




  • You will be added to a group of parents taking the course for the month.
  • I will send out a daily assignment (M-F) for you to read, ponder and complete.  Reading each lesson ranges from 10-20 minutes.  Participation is required each day by completing the reading assignment and sharing a response with the group.
  • I will provide personal help to make sure you fully understand how the teachings apply uniquely to your own family.
  • Upon completion of the course, you will be added to a community of parents who have already completed the class and are continuing to grow and learn together.
  • The cost is $100 per family. 
  • All I ask is that you ask Jesus directly if you should be involved this month or not and follow however He leads you.  


 “Thank you for the encouragement, Lisa, and for cheering us on!  Seeing this in practice is building such a foundation for wanting more!  Talk about ‘Heaven is for real!'”

“I have made few decisions in my life that have marked significant trajectory launches in my journey with Christ, and learning from you this month is one of them.  Like bomb size significant.  Really powerful and opening up Heaven on earth for me.”

“I see the amazing capabilities of our children and I want them to know they have it all with Jesus.  I want to shout ‘Go!’ as I run behind them!  Thank you Lisa, you have opened my eyes to see clearer as a momma!”

“Wow!  I am picking up so much truth in this mentorship already…not only do I feel this season is different with Jesus, I’m already experiencing it, as it’s SO refreshingly good.  I can feel my spirit coming alive again.”


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